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"With help from Think Slim and
Mark we are winning the obesity war one battle at a time."

Adro Sarnelli Winner of the Biggest Loser 2006

"I have released 39 kgs. I listen
to the MP4 player daily and it helps keep me on track."

Tracy Hall

"At any time, day or night
I can have 'instant' assistance and reassurance
with a session there to hand. it changed my life."

Kim Hutchins

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March 2011 - PART 1

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I am now 25 kilos lighter and feel fantastic Iíve recently had the best week of rejuvenation, health & slimming. Little Forest Health Retreat is like a little piece of Heaven with the most wonderful views and its own private rainforest. I am now 25 kilos lighter and feel fantastic..If you have an opportunity to attend Little Forest Retreat, Iíve just one thing to say, JUST DO IT.Ē

Kathy Lindsell Sydney

I feel like a new person

For me the retreat was a life-changing experience. I knew it was going to be great but it gave me so much more than I could ever have imagined. I feel like a new person, so free, energised and motivated, like I can achieve anything I want. Not only did I release some body fat, I also dumped a lot of negative beliefs and excess baggage that had been weighing me down for years. I am now 40 Kilos lighter. Since I got home everyone is telling me how good I look, they all say my eyes are so clear and sparkling and I look lighter and happier, I guess itís all that excess baggage I left at Little Forest!

Carolyn Johnstone Victoria

I canít put into words how great everything was.

The meals, the juices, the accommodation, the pool, the rainforest, the company I canít put into words how great everything was. From the moment I drove up the winding country road I could feel the fresh air, see the green grass - so inviting, the cows calmly going about their day in the paddocks, butterflies floating by. This is the best kept secret of the South Coast, so close to everything but so far away from the day to day hustle and bustle of life. Just to be able to grab a book and lie on the grass under a tree or stretched out on a lounge next to the fire place, now thatís relaxing.
Think Slim 7 Day Retreats

All retreats include Hypnotic Lap Band, Hypnolipo and Crush the Cravings

7 day retreat schedule 2018
Dates to be confirmed.

Read FAQS on Hypnotic Lap band - click here

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Self and personal development
workshops include*:

Who or what is sabotaging You?
Slips and Relapse Prevention
Increasing Energy and Stamina
Stress and Wellness
Building Self Esteem
Aligning Your Values
Releasing Limiting Beliefs
Craving Control
Improving Your Body Image
Just Say No!
Making Time for Your Healthy Lifestyle
Positive Thinking
Relaxation Techniques
Hypnosis for Healing
Staying Motivated
Increasing Confidence
Sleeping Better

Fitness classes and
workshops include*:

Cardio Boxing
Low Impact Aerobics
Outdoor Circuit
Outdoor Walk
Raise the Bar
Cross Training for Better Balance
Building a stronger body
Exercise and Stress
Maximize Your Metabolism
Exercising with Limitations
Athletic Conditioning
Setting Fitness Goals
Flexibility and Balance
Aerobic and Strength Training
Outdoor Drills
Bush Bootcamp
Personal Fitness Assessment
Rainforest Walks

Nutrition workshops

Habits of Successful Slimmers
Nutrition for Health
Planning Healthy Meals
Recipes for Change
Fat Facts
Alcohol and Weight Control
Cleansing Diet
Smart Cart for Shopping Success
Portion Control

Please note that the above session lists are guidelinse and the classes provided will be dependent on demand or request by the majority of the group.

“I feel I have reclaimed my life and have been lit up from the inside out to go out and be, do or have any thing my heart desires.”
- Jennifer, Sydney

“The retreat has given me more confidence, clarity, strength and energy”

“People tell me that I am positively glowing”

“I got so much more than I ever expected.”

“If anybody is looking for a mind and body make over to last a life time this is the retreat for you.”

“Little Forest is spectacular, serene, stunning, beautiful, relaxing, comfortable and a magical place.”

“You have given me my life back”

“Little Forest Health Retreat is like a little piece of Heaven”

“The retreat week was the best time I have EVER had for ME!”

“Attending the retreat has changed my life”

Helping you achieve a healthier,happier and slimmer lifestyle

Get ready to transform your life

The ultimate seven day slimming retreat is nestled in the mountains just north of Ulladulla, 2.5 hrs south of Sydney, on the NSW South Coast.

From the mountains out back and the rainforest walk on the property to the 100km of coastline view out front you will feel like you have left the world behind as you take time out for the most important person in the world, you!

Integration of mind, body and spirit is a fundamental part of the 7 Day Think Slim Retreat philosophy.

You will have a dedicated and committed team of professionals ensuring that your goals are reached and that you are well equipped for future success.

While the majority of weight loss retreats around the world focus on diet and exercise a large part of your time spent at Little Forest will be helping you unload the emotional baggage. You will be supported to change the way you think about food, activity and yourself.

Get ready to change.

You should definitely be ready to sweat, but exercise isn't all that is included in the daily schedule. Morning Tai Chi and Yoga classes will help you find tranquility and give you the skills to cope with stress.

Stretch classes and Pilates will help you increase your core strength and flexibility. Beginners boxing and martial arts classes will boost your confidence.

Rejuvenation is one of the most important aspects of the 7 Day Think Slim Retreat. Besides attending workshops and joining fitness classes and group therapy sessions you will have time to yourself to just chill out and go for a swim, play tennis or simply relax under a tree and read a book.

You will dine on ultra healthy meals prepared by a chef on the property.


The Hypnotic Lap Band hypnosis session has you imagine you are being wheeled in to an operating theatre. You then imagine you are being administered a general anaesthetic and once you have entered a trance state the imaginary surgery is performed.  Shrink your mind and tummy at the Think Slim seven Day Retreat.

The Think Slim 7 Day Retreat at Little Forest includes accommodation, healthy meals, daily workouts and workshops and classes led by professional instructors and leaders in their respective fields.

Meals, motel accommodation along with all classes are inclusive.

Limited to no more than 24 people means you will have personal attention and support when needed.

Little Forest is an amazing setting for motivation.

This is the perfect way to renew your body, refresh your mind and not think about anything else but yourself and your goal.

No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you absolutely, positively do have the power to dramatically change the way you look and feel.

Your package includes

  • Accommodation
  • Mini bus transfers to and from airport for interstate travellers flying in.
  • All workshops and classes
  • All meals and juices
  • All therapy sessions

7 day retreat schedule 2018
Dates to be confirmed

$3,495  per person based on 7 nights accommodation with all meals provided.

Share room save $1,000 at only $2,495 per person.


Please contact the office, call 1300 76 00 73 or 02 9529 6478 send an email to [email protected]

Book your space by filling in secure booking form

Or phone 1300 76 00 73


02 9529 6478

If you have a question about the retreat click here